RaeLein’s Senior Photoshoot

I had the pleasure doing senior portraits for my niece RaeLein. She was born and reared in a Christian home. She’s blossomed into such a well rounded strong Christian young lady. RaeLein loves YHWH (God), family, spending time with friends, children, playing the flute, marching bands, singing, choir, Christian music, soccer, teaching, mission trips, reading, gymnastics, durian fruit, mangos, cheesecake, Cheesecake Factory, and purple. RaeLein is self disciplined and very responsible. She held positions such as Senior class pastor, first chair in honors marching band and marching band leader and was nominated/attended the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine in UCLA. She aspires to further her education in the field of nursing and eventually become CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist). We are so proud of her.

DMB_4098 DMB_4116 DMB_4063 DMB_3993 DMB_3978 DMB_3606 DMB_3625 DMB_3717 DMB_3945 DMB_3962 DMB_3551 DMB_3495


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