Winetta + Adams

I had a great time photographing Winetta and Adams wedding. Thanks to the help of my second shooters, Edson Ade and Glee Ondap, which made my job so much funner, if that is even a word haha!

Quoting their blog post regarding themselves captures this amazing couples story…

“Maybe opposites do attract – Winetta loves to cook and Adams loves to eat, Adams loves gardening and agriculture while Winetta has stayed away from plant life ever since that unfortunate incident when she somehow managed to kill a cactus. While our opposites may have been initial attractions, it is our commonalities that have brought us to where we are now – the importance that we place on family, our strong work ethics, our love of laughter and being playful, even our love of dogs and being close to the ocean. Most important, however, has been our shared belief in God and our Seventh-Day Adventist faith. This is, truly, the foundation of our connection.”

Congratulations to you both!

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4 thoughts on “Winetta + Adams

  1. Hi Dohn! You guys were wonderful! Thank you so much for all that you did to capture the precious moments of our wedding day. Blessings

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