About Me

Hello everyone… welcome to my Blog!

Well…. I credit my wife for kindling my knack for photography. She loves taking pictures… A LOT. In 2006, as a birthday gift, I purchased her first DSLR camera. I really did not have any interest in photography, at first. I only learn that I actually enjoyed taking pictures when my wife’s “California Best Friend” was getting married (2009). Of course she was part of the brides entourage. And as expected, I was forced to take pictures of her and her CBF. So during the whole wedding program I clicked away! I even followed the photographer around to see what he was seeing and took my own pictures as well… To make the long story short, the bride and her new husband liked most of the pictures i took! Ha, they even favored some of my shots compared to the professional hired photographer!

Adding to my interest in photography, was when my beautiful daughter, Charlize, was born. Using this ongoing medium to document her life has embodied my creative vision.

There’s not a day that goes by when little bits of knowledge aren’t grasped and put into my box of tricks, sharpening my skills.

I have fun capturing key moments as they happen and enjoy doing unique shots. After gathering all the photos it’s so gratifying to see and know my clients are satisfied viewing their cherished memories.


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